Pictures That Make You Smile

Pictures that make you smile
Pancake Day gone crazy

It’s good to laugh at yourself from time to time isn’t it? When dieting becomes hard and getting out to the gym seems impossible, it’s nice to know we can chuckle at ourselves and try again tomorrow.

pictures that make you smile
Ssh! Don’t tell my trainer!

Let’s be honest, foods that contain minimal fat and sugar can be boring sometimes, even if they are healthier than cake.

Tis the season to be jolly…

So I smiled when I came across these downloadable prints. The lady used to sell them on another site, but now has them on Etsy.

Because they were all so pretty, I purchased a fair few of them, as I couldn’t decide which ones to choose.

pictures to make you smile
…along with my million other resolutions.

I gave several away to friends (in simple picture frames) and to my joy, they were delighted with them.

…mini trees aren’t sweet

I have this one above set up as a home-screen on my desktop computer and a couple in our dining area. Guests always have a good old belly-laugh when they come to the house and they admit that these funny thoughts often go through their minds secretly, when holding a plate of cake or dessert that they know is laden with calories. What is it about naughty treats that make us grin from ear to ear?

pictures to make you smile
…and what a miserable day that was!

So, I hope these jolly images cheer your heart as much as they did mine. I left my favourite until last:

pictures that make you smile
Skittles that you can knock down your throat

I’ll see you soon with another fab review. Have a great day!


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