Stunning Greeting Cards!

It can be hard to find decent greeting cards in the shops that contain the right image – I don’t always want funny or cute, glittery or abstract. Also dazzling landscapes can be a matter of personal choice, so even though you like it, sometimes the recipient does not feel as charmed by your selection.

But who doesn’t like a close up of a beautiful flower?

It is neither twee nor girly – many men, gardeners and horticulturists love to see an enchanting bloom gracing the front of their card. And those not in the trade are often equally as delighted that you thought of something more original than the common place: sport, armchair & slippers, flash car or pub scenes.

And it is wonderful when you want something that does not relate to any particular occasion but still sends the message that you put much thought into what you chose. I adore flowers, so I was delighted to find a card-maker-photographer who puts her two passions together to produce something wonderful.

Sharrie B’s cards are a fantastically floral and there are many different designs to choose from.

Here is her Etsy link which currently is displaying around 40 different choices of design:

I notice that all her cards are deliberately left without a sentiment on the front so that they can be used for any occasion. I am needing two sympathy cards and a 50th birthday card, so I will be ordering from her soon.

I have also contacted her to see if she can do me a pack of 6 notelets in the same design and I was impressed by her excellent customer service and flexibility to my needs – she replies straight away, is polite and engaging and leaves me feeling valued as a customer.

This is currently my favourite of her cards:


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