Don’t Buy Wigs From This Company

I apologise to those who suffer from nightmares

As a Review Blogger, I believe that consumers should not just be told about great products but the ones to avoid too.

Baldness, thinning patches, weak strands, multiple split ends and dull, lifeless hair is a problem many ethnic women face today, especially those of the negro race.

African ladies suffer the most, as their hair is the weakest and hardest to grow.

Next are those of Caribbean origin, then those who are mixed-race who have received more of the ‘black gene’ than the white. (Every mixed-race person is different, some have lovely strong locks while others suffer almost as much as full negroes.)

Many of you will have heard horror stories about desperate women paying extortionate amounts of money to have dangerous chemicals applied to their hair, that have then gone on to burn their scalp badly, often with irreversible damage.

One lady on a T.V. show in the USA claimed she was so desperate for decent hair that she actually allowed a stylist to take a needle and sew strands of hair into her scalp. She ignored the agony and pools of blood forming by her feet and put up with it, as she was told it was the newest technology in ethnic hair styling.

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) was the chemical discovered in relaxers and even though no woman would admit to being happy putting acid onto her skin, they gladly did so every 6 weeks at a hairdressers, parting with too much of their hard-earned cash in return.

So in this day and age, the wearing of wigs has become the norm’. Looking at most black women’s heads, if their hair looks sleek, glossy, long, thick and very well conditioned, it is more than likely to be thanks to the help of something extra.

So the wig market has bloomed. I was surprised to discover however, through the medium of YouTube, that an increasing amount of Caucasian ladies have also ditched the salon for the pleasure of wearing false hair.

The desire for longer, luscious locks without having to wash it so often is very appealing. After all, if the strands on a hair piece are not attached to the scalp then no oil is going to be secreted by their glands to make their heads look greasy. So the real hair underneath can hold off being washed for a few more days, thus keeping it stronger.

My first wig cost such a shameful fortune that to this day, I will not even reveal to my own family how much I spent in my desperate stupidity.

It was supplied by Richard Farrell Hair Replacement and was really a half-wig that was shaped specifically for my own head size. I was provided with two pieces which they referred to as ‘systems’, but both only lasted 6 months out of the 2 – 4 years that they promised. This was owing to the delicate lace wig cap that discarded clumps of hair at an alarming rate. As strands unstuck from the unit, it left me with bald patches not dissimilar to the ones I was trying to cover up! (And they told me that to have more stands put in would have cost me a four figure sum).

But the hair quality was amazing. It was thick and smooth and shiny and it curled beautifully. There was no doubt that the hair was 100% natural. After handing over a very large cheque, it did take them 7 months to source my systems and a very rude email from Laura, Richard Farrell’s assistant, when I wrote to enquire what was taking so long. I was told by an embarrassed UK partner that it was because she was from Cuba – I have yet to figure that one out.

But it is not the Farrell clan who I am on here to warn you about, even though you do need to steer clear of their marketing pitches. It you’re female, don’t fall into the trap of purchasing one of their silly systems – buy a race-horse instead, it’s cheaper and lasts longer.

At Christmas I bought a human hair wig from Elevate Styles because since my tragic Farrell pair 5 years ago, I have been wearing synthetic ones ever since. I did not want anything blended, Yaki or Kanekalon, and was prepared to pay more money for the privilege. The original price was over £100 but I got it for £75 in the November Black Friday sales.

The wig I chose was advertised on their website as:

100% Brazillian Remy Human Hair Wig.

Naturally the model wearing it looked very happy and her tresses, radiant and healthy.

When it arrived, I was so excited to be finally having something a little more lavish on top of my head. So I was greatly disappointed when I opened the packet to find a bundle of dark straw that had been shoved into a plastic bag, without a box. It had travelled like that all the way from the USA to England and…

I felt like I was in  Quarantine peering into a box containing a dead animal that just couldn’t handle the journey.

100% Remy? Untouched? Really?

After wearing it for 2 days, it was so dry and tangled up that even teasing it with my fingers like I do all my synthetics, made no difference. The instructions that came with it said not to add any oils to it,  but I needed to add a little hair protector serum so I could run a straightening iron through it.

Well, to cut a long story short, the wig that Elevate Styles sold me is nothing like it was described and I cannot return it because , well, they simply do not want it back.

And who can blame them when they stock such rubbish? Only a Halloween party would welcome this horror into their home. This wig is even Yakier than Yaki!

After just one month, it looks ready for the bin. Yes the trash can as you say across the Atlantic. When I put it on my head, it looks like I am walking around with a straw hat that has been attacked by ravens.

what human has hair like this?

I have had no alternative but to go back to my trusty cheap 8 month old synthetic wig – the previous one of which lasted me 11 months and 2 weeks. It was £14.99 from Ebay and when the ends go frizzy, I simply run a straightener through it and it comes up lovely.

My 8 month old synthetic

Before you go, could somebody please enlighten me: Do South American ladies go around mating with scarecrows? No disrespect to them, but I have never seen a Brazilian beauty with hair looking like this – not even on her son’s legs.

It comes as no surprise that the Customer Services Team at Elevate Styles were unsympathetic and offered no apology whatsoever. They communicated back to me in a dismissive manner that can only be described as totally uninterested. I was told to go pester the manufacturers if I am not happy with my purchase.

So you dear divas, fashionable fillies, beautiful belles, and wise women who are eager to learn from the folly of others…

If you value your precious dollar, dosh or whatever you call it, don’t be deceived by the trap of the false advertising this company tries to mesmerize you with.

In general, human hair wigs are better but that is only if you are buying one from a reputable seller.

So shop around and don’t be fooled by the big-named wig companies who are just in it for your money.

Yes it’s YOUR money, be careful with it.

Good luck in your quest for nice hair,