Greeting Card Shapes

After a year of card making, I started to get fed up with the customary designs. I wanted to make something a bit more special, so I was delighted to discover:

The Eazi Score Scoring Board


This is a durable A4 size board that helps you to create cards of different shapes easily and quickly. There is a double dvd set that you can also purchase which shows you step-by-step guides on how to make great deigns. But you don’t need the dvd to start producing masterpieces.

You simply place your card on the board like this:

Notice how it’s right up to the edge so your lines will always be straight.

This little blue thing (below) is called a bone folder. Sometimes people use a metal prod that has a small ball shape at the tip – this is referred to as a ball tool. You can use either with this board but it is better to use the bone folder on thinner card to prevent the misfortune of making an unwanted hole!

Keep it safe in something like a pencil case.

At the top, it shows you where to score using the bone folder which comes with it.

It is designed for both right-handers and left-handed crafters.

It is also handy for the times you wish to make a simple A5 card but cannot get the fold right (you know when you close your card, the ends don’t meet and the crease down the middle is uneven) but with this amazing tool, you just do this:

The bone folder is pointing to the groove that has been used.

I’d like to show you my two favourite cards that I have made with this indispensible friend.

Firstly the Tuxedo Card:

For a special birthday or just to say you care.

Or with real buttons…

Greatly received on Father’s Day!

In the shops, it is so difficult to find something for a male that is not depicting either a common hobby, beer glasses, a rude slogan or a slippered man reading the newspaper.

I have given this tuxedo card to many of my husband’s friends and male relatives and it is always received with surprise and joy. It makes them feel like you think they are stylish and smart.

You don’t have to stick to the token colours either – bright blue would look cool.

And do not be fooled – it is very easy to make. I hate using scissors as I can’t cut straight but the five snips you need to do always turn out perfect.

So easy to do! (And I’m a scissor hater)
Thanks to the board you can have nice sharp folds

The dvd (which isn’t needed to get started as the board comes with clear instructions) has to be purchased separately but it is great value for money because the lady (Wendy) goes through month by month making cards to match all seasonal events. She makes all her creations in front of you, so that you can easily make notes or create the card alongside her. For example, she makes a New Year one in January, a Valentine card in February and a graduation one in August. Her manner is so friendly and welcoming that you feel like you’ve known her for years – it’s like she’s sitting at your dining table!

My second favourite creation using the scoring board is a really pretty wallet for presenting a gift voucher or money.

Isn’t this so elegant?

This can also be used for placing invitations inside and is a cheapbut creative way to do wedding invites.

For an invite or a money voucher

It looks like so much more thought has gone into it when the gift card is placed inside wallets like this:

You can make a few and put them aside until the next birthday

If you scroll up to look at the first picture of the board, you will see patterns on the right hand side – a long wavy line, a heart, diamond, butterfly and a flower. These are embossing grooves sot that you can add extra pattern to your card if you wish. (see ‘Cons’ below)

So here are the pros and cons of the Eazi Score Scoring Board


*The board is very lightweight.

*It doesn’t doesn’t chip or scratch and most importantly, it doesn’t bend out of shape!

*There is a dvd available that shows you how to do other designs & small boxes.

*No card measuring is required as the board has already done it for you.

*It is designed so that left-handers can use it as easily as those who are right handed.

*Apart from shaped cards, you can also make small boxes and invitation wallets.

*Many designs are so easy to learn that you won’t need to keep watching the dvd to remember how to do them.

*The board is so durable that it lasts a very long time – I doubt that you’ll ever need to replace it in your crafting lifetime.


There is only one disadvantage of this board and that is the embossing grooves that I spoke about earlier. The embossed images are not as easy to do as the straight scoring lines are. Sometimes the bone folder can slip out of place, making a line drawn where it is not wanted. And unless you are using see-though paper, you cannot tell where to steer your bone folder or ball tool. The wavy line is easier to do because you instinctively know when to swivel your wrist in the opposite direction, but I struggle with the other shapes.


All in all, this is another craft tool that I could not live without. Most of the cards I sell are A5 size so I use it every time to score a perfect line down the middle of my A4 card. I cannot make the Tuxedo card without it and I love making gift card boxes. My daughter uses them to put her school letters in and my husband uses the less girly ones to store important receipts.

When you visit the website you will see other wonderful inventions just like this board. Take a look at the box making one. I have never used this but I am thinking of investing in one to put larger presents inside. So I cannot vouch for the other items on the site as I have not yet used them, but I can tell you with certainty that the Eazi Score Scoring Board is a must for both beginners and experience crafters.

You can get yours here:

The dvd can be purchased here:

Have fun!



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