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We live in an age where there is something for almost everything, whether it be an item for an unusual hobby or a well needed aid for an embarrassing problem.

As a consumer myself, I do not like being lied to by someone giving wonderful ratings on a product just because they want you to buy it.

So all my reviews will contain a list of pros and cons so you can have an honest assessment. However please note…

…my pros will always outweigh my cons…

…because I only do evaluations on products that I think are:

Of excellent quality

Great value for money – worth the price

Functional – does what it promises to do

Life changing – meets a need or solves a problem

Look at the apple blossoms above and take a deep breath.

Whether we claim to love flowers or not, scientists from all around the world have discovered that the sight of beautiful blooms improves our emotional health.

Being in the presence of a floral display, triggers a sense of peace and satisfaction, thereby decreasing anxiety at the same time.

Simply put, life is too busy. We are constantly looking for ways to relieve stress and plump up our mood.

Don’t you feel elated when you discover an item you were looking for, or stumble across something you didn’t know existed –

especially if someone else has done the hard work in finding it for you?

It gives us a sense of pleasure similar to what flowers do to the brain when we spot them from a distance.

So I believe in being familiar with what I am describing, therefore I will have either used the product regularly myself or have done extensive research and scrutiny, followed by a physical test. I would also like to hear from you when you’ve tried the item, especially if you have either found another great feature I have missed or if something has unfortunately not pleased you.

The companies, organisations and retailers that I showcase, will be those of reputable eminence, who constantly deliver outstanding customer service and offer commodities that you will be proud to own.

So let’s get foraging beneath the surface of the wonderful web of stuff!

Stay tuned to feast your eyes on the magnificent things that were made for you to enjoy!

(For a list of titles, please click here:)

See you soon,


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